Saturday, May 25, 2013

Mr. Montes and Mrs Banks

 I was going to wait a bit to post this, but since my dear wife is popular on facebook and asked people to come look, I figured I would post my first story idea.  It is my favorite.  I may try and streamline it a bit before I post the next story idea or I may go with the original plan and post all the ideas first before I do any editing.  I haven't decided yet.

Without further ado, I give you the very very rough story or Mr. Montes and Mrs. Banks. (Montes is pronounced mon-tays)

I had tried going to the store late on the day before Thanksgiving. There, I met up with the closing crew from K-Mart - all people I knew, but none were from K-Mart - Ryan from LSSU, Sarah from Pizza Hut, and another girl from Pizza Hut.

Anyway there, talking with them, I met the nymphomaniac. After she ran amok a bit, I convinced the teacher to let me photograph the nympho.  I had to seduce her to do it. She agreed and we took nympho to a mental hospital so we didn't have to keep and eye on her. When we get there, we are helped by a very nice grandmotherly woman. Me and Amy - after stowing our nympho go exploring.

We come across a door with the lock on the outside - odd because all the other doors are normal. Amy opens the door and inside is a black female midget. She acts normal for about two seconds then she rushes out into the hall and starts grabbing at the teething rings I was playing with. We ascertain that her name is Mrs. Banks and she is getting the rings for Mr. Montes.

She is going nuts and it takes me and Amy both to subdue her and get her back into the room. Then, Professor Moody comes on the radio. I start cleaning up the mess while Amy goes to get the nice old lady on duty. While we clean up, we make small talk with the old lady mention Moody and Lake State where we met.

At about this point, the nice old lady opens the door and lets Mrs. Banks out. Ahe has to verify out story. After she lets out Mrs. Banks, she can no longer control herself. While Mrs. Banks attacks Amy, I work on getting the rings away from the old lady. I wrestle with her and the rings gradually into the apartment. Once we get in, the old lady springs upon me and starts strangling me.  I ask what's going on and with a glimmer in her eye, She informs me that she is Mr. Montes. As I start to black out (gasping Amy's name, but she doesn't seem to notice), I wonder what this pair did to the real orderly.

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