Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mr. Montes and Mrs. Banks: v. 1.1

Okay,  First off, ignore all that stuff I said about updating once a week.  It was probably just a pipe dream.  In the very least, it is obviously untrue.  I could try and justify it, but I am not sure there is a point.  I will do my best, but sometimes you forget new things, and sometimes, you don't feel up to it.  Whatever the reason, It obviously isn't happening, and I will update when I can.

With that in mind,  here is the first look at Mr. Montes and Mrs. Banks.

First let me say that from here on out,  These characters are completely fictional and anything they may have in common with actual people is entirely coincidental.  I know I mentioned Ryan from LSSU and Sarah from Pizza Hut, but these are people I haven't had real interaction with for nearly (in the case of Ryan (and I don't even know which Ryan it is)) and over (in the case of Sarah from Pizza Hut) a decade. Further people's behaviors in dreams are rarely like their behavior in real life, so I think I am going to go on a naming kick today.

The main character was me in the dream, but we are going to give him the working name of Joshua.  It will probably change, but that is as good as anything right now.

Amy is the significant other of the main character, so we are going to change her to Jordyce.

Mr. Montes and Mrs. Banks are staying the same because my subconscious named them that for a reason!

For some reason Leslie just popped in there for the name of the nymphomaniac.

Professor Moody was apparently a D.J.  It doesn't say what he said on the radio or even what kind of station it was so we are going to completely throw that out for now.  If it works into the story later than we can figure out what is appropriate then.  It doesn't really seem to play any sort of significant part in the story and was just an aside because I was writing out my dream.  If it comes up later, we will come up with something later.

Maybe I could have a radio announcer be the narrator.  I know it has been doen before, but lets see what happens if anything.

Next time:  The setting.